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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
At the same time Khaosai is solid. Khaosai is the harder puncher; he has very heavy hands and seemed an awesome finisher from what I've seen (which is a lot but against middling-to-fair opposition)

To me Khaosai is like Khaokor in destroy mode but with more power. same planting of the feet, subtle movements cutting off the ring, a plodding movement with the awkward Muay Thai guard and well-timed/delivered shots.

Two things; I don't think the size is such an issue. They're twins! Khaosai is also just about the most beastly looking super-fly I have ever seen. I just think that whilst the Bantam Brother could slip in and out of 'seek and destroy mode', I haven't seen much evidence that Khaosai can do much else apart from destroy, although of course he did that very, very well. There is no doubt in my mind that is entirely feasible that Khaosai could knock out 118lb men; Men with the chin of his Brother? Yeah, I reckon so. One thing Khaosai is NOT overrated in is his sheer power, which even against average opposition was evident.

I have just realised that I have been my 'subjects' name wrong for the entire thread; It's Kaokor, not kHaokor as I am been spelling it

Again, thanks to everyone for their contributions, how do you guys see Kaokor measuring up against other 'ATG's'?

A fight I'm thinking about at the moment is Kaokor vs Jeff Chandler.

Also, re: his final match. He was sparked in the 1st round but I'm reliably informed this seemed very, very dodgy indeed (Kaokor's proven chin being an obvious indication) with a supposed 'delayed reaction'. Has anyone seen it and if so, doe it look odd?
Good post, i'm intrigued and interested by that ko loss now as well. I agree with your post, it's clear who the more versatile warrior was, and who the more prolific demolition man was, both are exciting to watch, Khaosai in the more general sense, but his brother wows the viewer even more when he seems to get ****ed off and engage his man because at first you don't think it's 'in him', or part of his game to be more fair.
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