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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Wladimir Klitschko is not a top 5 heavyweight, whereas Marciano is. This is not however a comparison of legacies where Marciano towers above Klitschko. Legacies and head to head matchups across eras are two totally different animals.

There is an old, but very true adage that the smaller guy usually has to work harder than his larger opponent. With an 8 inch height deficit and more than 50 lbs in weight, Marciano would have to work extremely hard from the opening bell to gain any kind of footing on Klitschko. Since working with Steward, Wlad has shored up his boxing skills, improved his jab and footwork, and isn't the easy target or vulnerable prey that he was 5+ years ago. Additionally, his primary weakness is left hooks, and not so much the right hand. He also still posses plenty of fire power, and may well be a harder hitter than Walcott, Moore, or the aging version of Louis that Rocky fought.

I don't see very many similarities between the opponents who beat Wlad and Rocky Marciano. In fariness, I also don't see a great deal in common when contrasting Wlad to some of the guys who troubled the Rock, but I DO SEE some attributes that could spell serious trouble for Rocky. A tremendous size and strength advantage coupled with a very long and sharp jab, plus plenty of fire power to boot..

Once again, legacy wise, Wlad will never touch Marciano's career profile.. But head to head, this may be a mismatch..
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