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Default Re: The Moon-Galaxy Rivalry

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
WHAT THE **** HAPPENED THERE??!?!?!!?!??

Well, clearly he had a good chin, that doesn't bring his chin into question at all.

It makes me thing A)of his health B)his terrible acting skills.

Another thing that comes to mind that some health reason might point toward why he retired straight after this. Just strange that it came to occur at the beginning of a round in a fight, and wasn't spotted before.

can ANYONE clear this up?

Thanks Al and what are your opinions on the Moon-Galaxy fights and of Kaokor H2H?

I haven't seen the fights but I do rate Moon who fought better opposition.
First time I saw him fight was at the 84 Olympics when my next door neighbour John Hyland was unlucky enough to draw him. John was a good amateur I saw him win a close one over Paul Hodkinson. Moon though took him apart, too strong. I think he beat the American in them games as well, Robert Shannon before he went out on a cut eye.
It's harder to judge Khaokor because apart from a couple, I'm unfamiliar with most of his opponents. Moon might of been a bit green when he fought him. Anyone seen the wilfredo Vasquez fight? A split decision in Thaland!
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