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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

I don't really question that so much, but what i do question, is how well he carries his punching power up to a 6'6 target.
I don't know why so much is made of Marciano's height. Tyson at 5'11 was the same height as marciano and had no trouble landing on 6'6 fighters....David tua only 5'9 2" shorter, does anyone seriosely think he wouldn't be able to hit Wladimir? Now take Carmine Vingo for example. Good Prospect, of course nothing like wladimir. However he was 6'4. Is it a coincidence the most damage Rocky ever did to a fighters face happened to be 6'4? IMO, rocky like tyson felt very comfortable punching up with leverage, since he was so used to it most of his career. Johnny Skhor, a tough journeyman fighter in the Ross Purrity mold. 6'5 too. Skhor got beaten up so badly he never fought again..apparently Marciano crashed hooks and Suzy Q's on his jaw all night long. Now Skhor and Vingo do not compare to Wlad as fighters, but there Height is similiar. That is your question isnt it? If rocky can reach wladimirs chin? Honestly Chris, I think Charlie Goldman built Rocky's whole style on being able to fight taller bigger fighters. Thats why he told rocky "if your small, fight small" and developed him a crouch and taught him how to punch up with leverage. Now in retrospect, Marciano during his hey dey did not run into alot of taller bigger sluggers like Charlie Goldman probably thought he would...but the ones he did run into like 6'1-6'2 fighters Layne and Louis he Destroyed.

Wladimir on the otherhand never fought tyson or tua, Marcianos closest stylistic foes so we do not know how he would do. The closest thing Wladimir did fight to marciano in terms of Power, relentlessness, and durability....Lamon Brewster knocked him out! I know both you and I are big Wladdy fans....but lets face it. He has not proven to either of us yet he is capable of handily beating a relentless world class puncher, and until he does so I think it is unrealistic to pick him over an ATG heavyweigth puncher(Louis, dempsey, liston, foreman, marciano, frazier, tyson). I would be heavily inclined however to pick him over any Sub 200lb ATG "Boxer Stylist" who ever lived, and I think he could have even beaten Larry holmes and Jack Johnson the way he is fighting.

because i honestly can't see him landing enough to wear Wlad down

But thats just the thing. Wladimir has a weak enough chin and rocky has enough power that all he needs to do is land 1 or 2 good punches and wlad will crumble...then perhaps go into panic attack mode.

Like Magoo said, Marciano is in another league greatness-wise, but might be out of his league in a head to head sense. Certainly, looking at the dimenions and knowing that Wlad carries his athletic ability unlike most superheavies, it's not really that fair a matchup.

Just you think Jack Dempsey is out of Wladimir's league in a head to head sense? I happen to think out of all heavyweight champions, no one on film is more sucseptible to a STRAIGHT right hand than Jack Dempsey, and he showed durablility issues vs Firpo, Flynn, Sharkey, Tunney, and Carpentier. Yet I would be willing to bet you pick Dempsey over Wlad without a second thought.

And again, i can say that because Rocky was down on the cards against Walcott and nearly even with Charles in their first matches after the 12th, he proved to be highly incapable of handling a bigger, stronger and harder hitting boxer in Wlad.
The difference is Rocky WON those tests, where as Wladimir LOST his tests against relentless punchers. The fact Rocky never lost proves we do not know what it takes to beat him. Wlad on the otherhand, we KNOW what it takes to beat him.

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