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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

I reserve Marciano of 1952. In a 12 round fight I'm more torn. Wlad stands a chance to jab clinch jab. The thing is though, Marciano is harder to hit with the jab than he appears to be. And he crouches low which will be an other disadvantage for Wlad. I think Suzie outline the fight rather perfectly, especially being specific on their strengths and weaknesses. In a 15 round fight I go with Marciano with much more confidence. In a 12 round fight I think it's tough to call. I'd expect Rocky to put even more pressure since its less rounds. I will say this... the 55 version of Marciano loses against Wlad. The 52-53/54 version would have a much better chance.

I'm going to go with Marciano here. His crouch puts Wlad out bad odds. And Wlad's attack is rather simplistic 1-2. He doesn't go risking and doesn't engage hugely. If he does, he is even more prone to panic. Wlad's weak chin and durability and disdain for pressure leave me with picking Marciano. I think Marciano stops him late or wins a decision. The thing is Marciano is much faster with than people believe around 52. Most are prone to his Charles and Moore fights. Marciano could snap some powerful quick combos. I think Wlad's height and inevitability to exchange near the corners would be disastrous for him. Walcott can pull it off with his defense and cutesy tricky style and even that was dangerous. He got nicked, but Wlad would got torn to the body and Marciano would go back to the head and pummel Wlad. I'm going with Rocky here. I also think Dempsey has a good chance here. While I think a fight with the other brother is another story. I really like Marciano's chin to hang in when he needs to. Wlad's best shot is a decision win. In 15 rounds he comes out a loser with his only shot at being a KO. Does he have the aggressiveness or confidence to do so? Doubtful.
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