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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
I am coming to the conclusion that far too much is being made of the current genaration of 220 lb+ heavyweights as checkers of shins and far too many apologies are being made for those who crumble against them.

History seems to suggest that they do not represent the gold standard test of a chin that is often made out.

To give you just one example of this George Foreman was knocked out by Muhamad Ali and dropped by Jimmy Young neither of who were hard hitters but both of who had exelent speed and delivery. When he comes back in his 40s these so called heavyweight monsters of the 90s couldn't make a dent in his chin.

Speed and delivery beat size and power every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

I think that the shot that Walcott hit Marciano with would present a much stronger test of his chin than the slow predictable punches that the current crop of heavyweights throw. I think that it might well have been a more formidable missile than the shot that Hassim Ramhan used to put Lennox Lewis to sleep.
Great post....of course another good example would be Henry Cooper almost KO'ing Ali whilst bigger, harder hitting guys couldn't put a dent in his chin.

As for old WALDO V Marciano, I've just got that image of WALDO turning his back on Sam Peter in my mind....I wonder what he'd do against Marciano's rough-housing? That youtube video of the boxer running across the ring and trying to jump over the top rope to escape springs instantly to mind.

Much as I hate all the Klit-lovers I'd actually give the guy a chance against guys that were content to just box, I give him next to no chance against relentless animals though, and that's what Marciano was. Rocky by KO, and I reckon it'd come quickly too - inside 3 rounds.
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