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Default Adding Up 0's Stolen...

I'm not simply asking who beat the most undefeated fighters. The lines can begin to blur there, with 5-0 or 10-0 fighters.

Here's what I'm aiming for. Take the number of fights one of their opponents were undefeated for and add them with the other undefeated records a fighter took.

For example, Carlos Baldomir racked up a pretty incredible cumulative number of 0's stolen.

He beat....

23-0 Walter Fabian Saporiti

30-0 Frank Olsen

20-0 Joshua Clottey

21-0 Alpaslan Aguzum

25-0 Hasan Al

That's 116 fights. You could make an argument he has even more in his draws with 28-0 Jose Luis Cruz & 15-0 Jose Luis Fernandez.


I'll get a easy one out of the way.

Frankie Randell. He only ever beat one undefeated fighter, but it was 89-0 Julio Cesar Chavez.


A edit almost a year after this thread was started. Please us the search function. This thread doesn't need to be gunked up with a half dozen repeats of numerous fighters.

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