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Default Re: Best Offensive Boxers ever

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
Alotta good ones mentioned so far. I especially agree with Frazier and Chavez, but let me add LaMotta and the best of all Mike Tyson. I know that he tried not to get hit while he came barreling in, but this guy was an offensive machine. I know it's been said, but with all the bashing of modern fighters we were all lucky to be fight fans when this guy was in the game.

Had to edit to add Henry Armstrong.
Nice post, people like to talk about how proven Tyson is, but for me that offensive skillset is amazing. The footwork, the technique employed within that style, the combinations to either body or head, and best of all, the combinations to both. The countering with devastating results, just amazing in the context of this thread.
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