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Default Re: Best Offensive Boxers ever

Originally Posted by Chinxkid View Post
No, I didn't know that Greg. But live and let live I always say. How's that working for you T?

couldnt resist sorry about that. had me in stitches

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Haha, **** off, keep away from the mma fighters anyway.
the guys soundo doing boxing conditioning with me cause im mates with his son who boxes aswell. giving me a copy of this 200 quid boxing strategy DVDs from Roach and all them

Originally Posted by teeto View Post
Haha, more like i'm a ****phobe! kidding, no offense to anyone.

i used to hate gay people but now i just think let peoiple do whatthey want to do aslong as they dont do it to me

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY View Post
1. Quickness and combination punching--Robinson

2. p4p power--Fitzsimmons

3. stamina--throwing punches in bunches all night--Armstrong*

4. stamina plus power--Marciano

*Greb deserves at least a mention in this category, but I have not seen him on film.

Others--Sugar Ray Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Roy Jones, Mike Tyson
what about guys like Arguello and Hearns?
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