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Default Re: Best Offensive Boxers ever

Originally Posted by GPater11093 View Post
i really hate roadwork but you gotta do it. i hate running and skipping the only things that get me proper angry if i have to skip before i spar watch out the guy im in with haha.

i decided last year to stay on at school for a year, i ****ed up there i liked it to start with now i aint got no time so ive stopped doing homework as i just need to relax. i cant concentrate in class i just try and have banter with the teacher and take the **** but in a nice way.

i can leave at christmas if i make it to then

just gotta convinve my mum to sign my leavers form, been preparing a long speech for it haha

boxings what i want to do and i wantt o give it a shot. Id work at anything so even if i had to work as a bin man to start fo with fine i dont mind i just wantt o start boxing

id rather be happy than rich
Pretty sharp for your age, greg. Not that money doesn't acome in handy, and I'll tell you when it's really important is when you don't have it. But, still I think you're right. Nobody, has ever been able to convince me that we're supposed to be miserable. Have a ball, my young brother.
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