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Default Re: Best Offensive Boxers ever

Offensively I quite like the guys who can throw pin point combinations to body and head whilst still maintaining good balance. I won't reiterate what most people have already said by mentioning the obvious ones like Sugar Ray Robinson, but I find it hard to fault Marco Antonio Barrera when it comes to his offense. He was a two-fisted fighter, power in both hands, and he mixed it effectively to body and head - notably early on during his time as a Super Bantamweight. He was super effective on the front foot, but even when he counter-punched he was superb. Take one step back to lean away from the jab, and then he'll return with several punches in return. Offensively, Marco Antonio Barrera is among the very best in the last 20 years in my humble opinion.

Julio Cesar Chavez was even better at this than Barrera, though. He didn't have Marco's handspeed, but his accuracy was superior, and likewise, his balance was unbelievable.
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