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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by Bodi View Post
Does anyone have any experience of Acai berries?

Whilst talking to the owner of my local health food store earlier today, she told me that she had just taken delivery of some Acai berry juice, and proceeded to give me a free bottle to try. I know little of the Acai berry, but I know the juice tastes really nice!
It's a berry

It contains anti-oxidants (because otherwise it would rot) like other berries. It has other chemicals to protect itself against disease that we have evolved to use as well, think of anti-bacterial chemicals and such. Comparable to blackberries or blueberries nutrition wise, too bad we only get the processed juice so I would pick whole blackberries (free this time of the year) over it any day. It has a great taste, that's for sure though.
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