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Default Re: Who had the more damaging body shots-Hatton or Mcguigan?

Originally Posted by jeff thomas
Jimbo and North:- The way i look at it is anyone good enough to beat Arturo Gatti in a toe to toe fight must have a serious set of *****, plus an Iron Chin and good dig..... Early Ward wasn't particularly impressive but against Shea Neary for example he displayed pretty good punch variety and speed. I put him at a similar level to Junior Witter though obviously in a completely different mould.

Im not saying Ward didnt have *****, a chin (hell he was only stopped once or twice in his 13 defeats) or indeed a decent dig. Im just saying he was never that "good".
I'd move him down from the Witter level, which in my opinion is world class. But I'll conceed he's above good journeyman level. I'll settle at gatekeeper level.
Everytime he stepped up he lost, basically. And before anyone jumps on the bandwagon I think Gatti pretty much threw the first fight away by going gung ho crazy. Arturo certainarly won by decent margins in the last two fights (i thought he was unlucky to lose the first tbh).

Hattons footwork and strength would have led to a stoppage against the sometimes combersome Ward.

Incidentally I think Gatti was way overated following the Ward trilogy, but thats another story for another thread.
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