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Default Re: told you fools...all yall that was hatin on kimbo up and take your L

Originally Posted by RAMPAGE0017
Does anyone aside from myself find it ironic that this guy insisted on fighting every one of his street fights standing up with fists only, yet as soon as he faces someone who he knows can punch, he immediately takes it to the ground? As a matter of fact, anyone remember when that UFC guy kept trying to take his fight with Kimbo to the ground, and all his little *****-boy followers kept jumping in and saying it wasn't allowed?
No. He was a bare knuckle brawler with no wrestling experience. Why would he want to wrestle? That is how he chose to fight.

Then he became an MMA fighter where anything was allowed. I think common sense dictated him taking the fight to the ground since he was fighting an ex WBO title holder. He was winning on his feet anyway to be honest.
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