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Default Re: The boxing equipment thread

in the club

- shoes - everlast lows, the $60 ones, blue (1st pair), great shoes, just got a big ass rip after about 9 months of 5 day a week use.. nike something white and black low, think they are wrestling shoes, around $60-$70 (2nd pair), more comfortable, durable, not as responsive though or as much feel, had them about a year and a half, still good, havent been in the club as much... Next time going back to everlast... Any other opinions? How are the adidas? A lot of the cats where those..

gloves- red, everlast pro trainers (sparring gloves, 16 oz.) not the new protex, would love to try those though, anyone use them? They lasted for about a year until I felt I needed new ones, used them for everything.. 2nd pair identical except white, love those gloves... Any one use Grants, they feel nice, how do they last?

ringside foul protector, only wear that if we plan on bangin', does the job i guess, not real comfortable though.. i actually hate wearing that ****, but some people cant help to foul sometimes.. LOL.

Headgear - Everlast, leather, suede inside, with cheek protectors.... its been good, pretty light and easy to see in, think the Grant I tried had a lot more padding, but was heavier.. Might go Grant next time, not sure though..
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