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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by Boxfan1 View Post
Back in my days of ultimate fitness, I ate everything I wanted as frequently as I could. I was lean and mean. Body fat was 4%, 5'8" 140. I was a high school sprinter with muscles on muscles. To me it wasn't so much the diet, as much as the amount of time I spent working out, and how I worked out. I was in training at least 3 hours daily, every day. Intense repetitive sprints and power building exercises. Everything was about building the most explosiveness possible, from both the upper, core and lower body. I couldn't run past 200 meters without dying, but my body was not trained to do that. Now that I'm older and running and walking long distances as an alternative to stay in shape, I can't get ripped, pumped or anywhere in the same general shape I was in back in my sprinting days. I'm convinced it's the workout that effects physique. I find myself eating only twice per day now, and even then, I have alot of trouble staying under 180. I eat right, cut the fats and do lots of cardio, but it's not the same as explosive building exercises. Problem now is, I'm old and every time I try building explosive power, I injure myself. My body simply can't take the repetitive stresses of those kinds of workouts. So I will keep walking, eating right and maybe some day, it will have the same magic bullet effect. But much like my hairline, I think those days are gone forever.
First of all if you were training 3 hours a day you weren't doing those explosive excercises with your full potential. Secondly if you couldn't even run 200 meters i'm guessing you've never been interested in pre-conditioning which is probably why you have injuries. Thirdly even the most amateur of Athletes should know that there are different types of fitness, if you're walking and running slowly you're training your slow twitch fibres and getting rid of your fast twitch fibres, training your aerobic energy systems instead of your anaerobic.

You have to build off a base, do some weight training for pre-conditioning and strength, quit your slow jogs and build some fast twitch fibres if you want to look better and lose weight. And yeah eat more. Find a simple sports science book and educate yourself man!
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