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Default Re: What if Gerry ****ey had somehow gotten lucky against Spinks?

Gerry ****ey is still one of the great what if's in boxing, at least of the past 30 years:

1)Wicked left hook-it was a monster
2)Terrific jab-he was damn near holding his own in the early and mid rounds against holmes, no easy feat
3)Heart-as stated above, big heart

He had many tools but inept management, distasteful racial undertones thrust upon him and alcohol problems negated any potential.

Had he gotten lucky against spinks, not out of the realm of possibility if he had TRAINED, we would have seen him against tyson. and 20 minutes later, we would have seen him in the hospital. i don't see him coming back after that, even against foreman who was a murderous puncher
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