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Default Re: Do alphabet titles dilute fighters legacies and punish them in the long run?

Originally Posted by fleaman View Post
Exactly. Even moreso than that, we have the ability to watch a lot more of boxing than was available to previous generations.

I can see for example, that regardless of the names on his resume, Sven Ottke wasn't THAT good. Good? No doubt. The names? Impressive.

But the fighter? Meh.
Yeah on the point of how good he was though, i always go on effectiveness rather than how 'good' they actually look. If he's winning rounds......

I'm not talking up Sven Ottke in particular here, i just mean in general. But yeah, in terms of the thred title, i don't think it's the alphabet titles that directly 'dillue' such legacies. It's the fighters, and probably more so their management staff that take advantage of their presence.
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