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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

On weight loss, by SouthpawSlayer:

Originally Posted by SouthpawSlayer View Post
if you want to lose weight follow these simple rules and and ill throw in some theories with them

1. stop weighing yourself everyday, i know your weight can change daily but your body fat % doesnt, you might be lighter than the day before its only down to your stores and hydration levels, you might weigh yourself some day and be heavier than the next which can be demotivating, the most i would advise is once per week

2. eat a well balanced diet, try to include your fats , carbs , protein , vitamins and water in moderate amounts, dont try to limit the amount of calories you are eating, if you cut down on your food intake you will see weight loss results for the first week and then the results will decrease until around the 5th week to where no additional weight is being lost, this is the process known as yo yo dieting when usually a woman goes on one of these diets (atkins for example) lose weight over the next few weeks results die off then after 6 weeks they come off the diet and go back to their regular eating patterns and pile the weight back on. the problem here is that the body adapts to the decreasing amount of calories being consumed and the individuals metabolism slows down something terrible, it slows to the point where it only uses what the body consumes, this individual will suffer from constant fatigue, drowsiness and feeling drained and tired. then the body becomes use to only using 400 clas per day say, and when they go back to their usual eating when they stop the diet suddenly the body is getting 2000 cals per day and the body is only using 400 cals, these excess cals go straight to fat stores, hence the yo yo term

3. eat regularly - this is linked a lot to the point number 2 except the opoosite, eating regularly maintains high energy levels throughout the day and raises your metabolic rate, aim for 5 to 6 small meals per day, try include all nutrients in a meal. i know this is hard but aim for over 3, if hungry snack during the day on fruit or nuts

4. regular exercise - this with a well balanced diet is the key to weight loss, regular exercise is only possible when the body has sufficient energy to work out so this again is linked to points 2 and 3, if you are limiting yoour cals to the point where your body has no energy to workout you are ****ing in the wind. you lose weight in the long term by decreasing your body fat %, which can be done with exercise such as cardio based, runs, cycles, rowing, cross trainer, swimming, the maximum fat burning zone is when your heart rate is between 125 and 140, i recommend you buy a hr monitor as teh ones you find on the machines in the gyms are **** and pointless, aim for these runs and cycles etc to last over 30 mins, if your glycogen levels are very high you will use that energy mainly first, however after exercising your glycogen levels will start to decrease and this is when your body will seek energy from your fat stores and burn fat. i would recommend you also do some weights, just machines to start off, this will enable you to lose weight in the long term again as it will increase your basal metabolic rate, the more exercise you do the more you can increase intensity

5. stay hydrated - your urine should be clear or just off being clear, if you go do a lot of exercise and you feel good because the scales says you have lost 2 kg's, that is not 2 kg's of body fat its 2 kg's mainly of water, our bodies are made up of water and it needs to be replaced for us to work properly, make sure you replace whatever whatever you lose, the general rule is if you lose 1 kg in weight drink 1 litre of water, exercising when dehydrated is impossible

remember set your goals for the long term, i have had women come to me in teh past saying i want to lose a stone before my sisters wedding next month and im thinking you cant do it that way but they seem to think otherwise, body fat takes a while to lose so give yourself time

hope this is helpful, i tried to explain it as best as i could
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