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Default Re: My trainign regime

Originally Posted by cool-cat View Post
some days i make a omlette wiht only egg whites. the main reason i take shakes are i train late at night at dont want the food lying in me all night.
Do not throw away the yolk, please!!!

It's the best part of the egg. Half the protein and all the nutrients. The fat is a good addition to your diet as well, you seem to be running dangerously low on it. Your diet is very low in calories altogether, your workout being geared towards hypertrophy. The food won't lie in you all night, it will be used to replenish your sugar levels in blood, liver and muscles, and to recover from your workouts.

Diet: Add fats from natural sources, increase protein intake, and in general eat more.

Workout: Ditch the isolation exercises in favor of compound lifts. There is no need to do bicep curls for a boxer.
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