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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by Mazallan View Post
Can I just ask what is the best thing to drink before a work out? I am talking about 1hr and all the way upto the gym session. I know it is probably going to be water but a buddy of mine advised on having an 'energy' drink (you know the ones with the caffeine and huge suger levels) but as I am trying to lose weight I thought it better I kept away from these drinks so I am burning off my own energy stores and not just the ones I have added by drinking the red bull.

Also my friend advised on Ice Tea drinks too but these also seem full of sugar.
Energy drinks are worthless, especially when trying to lose weight. Just stay well fed to keep metabolism going, don't workout on an empty stomach it will only ruin your workout. Stay away from empty sugars, a banana and a glass of water would be a better choice.
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