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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
Energy drinks are worthless, especially when trying to lose weight. Just stay well fed to keep metabolism going, don't workout on an empty stomach it will only ruin your workout. Stay away from empty sugars, a banana and a glass of water would be a better choice.


I try to eat right most of the time but on training days I have a decent diet plan...I am just prone the odd **** up everynow and again.

I keep myself going with fruit and have the regular small meals and a decent breakfast plus try to have a protien shake an hour or so before I train then maybe a bottle of water sipped in the hour before training and maybe raisins.

My probelem is jump onto every fad and stupid piece of advice given to me by gym buddys and everyone else.

I'll keep away from the energy drinks and high sugar drinks in future.

Great thread by the way. No doubt I'' be in again asking another duff question on the subject soon though.
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