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Originally Posted by Bill1234
For good reason's too. He's extremely pleasant to be around now, but don't get me wrong, he won't hessitate to tell you to go f yourself, or to throw you out of the gym (by hand or just threats that he will live up to). He really gets mad when people start mouthing off and challenging him into the ring, or they beat on guys a lot worse than them, and then brag about it. Last year someone did that, and Larry said thats it, get my gear. Larry went in there, jabbed the person once, they were knocked down, and 2 hours later found out they had a concussion.
My chiropractor met Larry on the streets of Easton, as he was passing through, just after Holmes won the title, and said he was extremely pleasant to be around then. I've always had the impression it's the ignorant Ali nuthuggers in the press who generally were responsible for ****ing him off. A lesser man might have turned O.J. under that kind of relentless baiting and hassle. He always seemed like an easygoing sort to me, when he wasn't being poked and prodded.

Bless him for not putting up with any ****. That's why he didn't wind up a homeless drunk shining shoes to survive. Beau Jack was a happy go lucky guy, and look how he wound up. Bless Larry for being a stand up guy, because a true stand-up guy stands up for himself first. (Now, that's being a good role model.)
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