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Some here seem to want to put Louis up there. Louis was a great many things, but fast was not one of them. I have collected lots of film of him over the past several weeks and they show that he was a plodder. Boxers really messed Louis up, and that proves he wasn't fast.

To be honest, his stock in my eyes has fallen quite a bit because I have now seen so much film and I have been studying the records of his opposition. I used to be in awe of his record and mystique. Only three losses, all to champions. 25 title defenses (26, I have learned). Wow. The books about him are all flattering. But if you take the time study the reality, your own research will knock a lot of the shine off the numbers.

Larry Holmes was better than Joe Louis, and a major reason for this was that he was a hell of a lot faster. Combine speed with Larry's size and ring savvy, along with Louis' chin and porous defense, and Louis is some serious trouble against Holmes. Honestly, I don't think Holmes sees the 15th round, and not because he would be the winner.
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