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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by cool-cat View Post
would any one advise using creatine?
yeah i read this in hattons diet too that kerry kayes had him taking creatine, now i dont know exactly what type of creatine it was but creatine monohydrate which is the most common used creatine is proven to have a negative effect on the body when performing cardio based tests, hattons supplement intake was ridiculous imo, KK said they had him basically on supplements only and NO food to get his weight down this cannot be good, i know KK would know more than me but this raises a lot of eyebrows with people i have said it to who actually teach nutrition courses, if you compare what hatton does to the mma fighter sean sherk it really shows who has being living properly and not, now sherk takes a **** load of supplements too but his diet is probably the best i have ever read, all his veg is eaten raw and is organic, he eats stuff like hemp bread which is packed full of vitamins, nearly all of the stuff he eats is disgusting, he eats constantly throughout the day to maintain energy levels and imo is the best conditioned fighter from any combat sport
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