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Default Re: Strength conditioning for boxing

Originally Posted by cool-cat View Post
i am going to start the karry kayes type programme to see how it helps me. let you'ns know how it go's
id advise you not to take on this program, kk can say it works asit worked for hatton but scientifically these programs that kayes advises are not practical, he uses the bodybuilding rep range and set similarities, id advise you take a program which the majority of other boxing coaches would recommend, j ustin fortune who used to work in the wildcard had great plyometric drills and most coaches would advise plyometric rather than hypertrophy training, kerry kayes programs were really increasing the size of muscle fibres he trains as boxers we dont want extra size we want extra strenght and power without the addition of bulk, low reps, high weights and plyometrics cover this quite well
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