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Default Re: El Puma's strength conditioning thread

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
El Puma, I have to say what makes me feel great during training for a fight is what a call 'bucket training'.... I invented it, and it may not be for everyone....

It's simple I have a big bucket that is filled to the top with plaster with a lid on top, and hold the handle with both hands holding it just under my chest, and I then run up 28 steps and then come down again and then I do it again another eight or nine times as fast as I can.... then I wait a few minuets and do it again.

It's the hardest strength/cardio indurance training exercise I've ever done! It gets my triceps, wings and shoulders ripped to the max without gaining extra weight! It also gives me an extra spring in my step when I'm running, or just using my legs in general.

It has increased my speed, indurance and power so much.
i wouldnt substitute your running for this type of exercise, they are completely different and hits a completely different training system than a long run or cycle etc
this sounds like a good drill but seems stressful on the back, i do it but carry dumbells, if your bucket is heavy your back will eventually start to suffer

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
I don't know about anyone else? but I don't skip. I found it really boring. To me sprinting on the running machine at the highest effort level for three minutes at a time.... and then having a one minute slow jog inbetween, before doing the sprinting again.... replicates your stamina for a fight much more effectivley.

Calzaghe never skipped, and he's stamina was amazing! Obviously if you like to skip then fair play, it just ain't for me though.
yeah skipping can be boring but it has a lot of benefits that shouldnt be ignored, skipping is not looked upon as a great exercise for improving cardio but skipping is great for these following things; footwork, it will increase your footspeed, improve hand foot co ordination, it will improve your shoulder endurance and improve overall agility, skipping can be made more fun by doing stuff like criss cross, double unders, there are plenty of different jumps, there is toe taps, heel digs, boxing stance bounds, sprints just to name a few, if you find skipping isnt great for cardio, try 10 seconds normal skipping, 10 secs sprints, 10 secs normal skipping, 10 secs double unders and so on for 10 minutes and your cardio will improve

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
I've just also recalled that Juan Diaz never goes running. That guy has one hell of a workrate when he fights, so it just shows how much fighting the full distance is more to do with the mind than anything. I mean sparring is very important, but again I'll bring up Calzaghe.... who never used to spar that often.... and he had a notoriously great workrate when he fought!

Originally Posted by 'Ben' View Post
Using running as my main source of cardio work outside the gym makes me feel like I get worse at it the more runs I actually do! so I think running is an overrated part of the training to be honest although I still do it.... just not as much though.
dont overlook your roadwork, i know amateur boxing requires less roadwork than the pros as am fight is only 11 mins compared to a 47 min pro fight but you need a good general fitness level which is what your roadwok will create, sprints are more suited for amateur fights but long distance running will lower your resting heart rate and the quicker your body can lower its resting heart rate during rounds means the quicker your body will recover during rounds, the more you recover obvuiously the better so dont think road work is only for burning body fat as it also will improve how well your body can train in all the other departments, it will also enable you to be able to train for longer
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