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Default Re: The boxing equipment thread

I'll keep this short.
Fight Gear Bomber Headgear (aka Blue Bomber)

I wanted something that actually provided good protection from impacts (not just cuts) and that covered a bit of my cheeks. But the most important thing I wanted out of a headgear was decent visibility.

This headgear does it all. It especially protects well against top-of-the-head shots. The cheek pads do alright, but I routinely receive a punch that came through them onto my eye.

Im going to repeat the fact that they protect your head very well. Things that used to hurt through my old headgear don't. Its kind of a bad thing too, since I think it can develop bad habits on someone going from bags to the ring.

Its machine washable. Toss it in the washer and get em clean!
Its 30 bucks at
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