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Default Re: My training regime

8th September
Morning: 2 mile run
Circuit training: Warm up 5 minutes skipping
Round 1:
press up, bodyweigth squat, shoulder press and burpees (for 30sec each)

Round 2:
Bench press, Squat thrusts, sit ups and clean and jerk (for 30sec each)

Round 3:
Push outs, bunny hops, plymo press up and v-sit holds (for 30sec each)

Round 4:
Bent over rows, high jumps, leg raises and snatch. (for 30sec each)

Meal 1: 2 weetabix, slice of brown bread, 330ml milk
Meal 2: protein shake mixed with milk
Meal 3: post training protein shake mixed in milk
Meal 4: Pasta with tomatoe sauce and vegetables.
Meal 5: 2 slices of brown bread with chicken
Meal 6: 1 apple 3 gerkins

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