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Default Re: My training regime

What's the reason you do not eat fat? Or the reason you prefer weetabix over whole food like fruits? I think your diet can be considered a crash diet for someone working out regularly. It's not very high in nutrients, and lacks important things. If you want it to be that way I'll shut up from now on, but I'm really curious why your diet is the way it is.
The main reason why i take weetabix in the morning as it is a source of complex carbohydrate and thought it would be best to have in the morning.

i normally have a piece of fruit after training but didnt bother today because i had the pasta about 20minutes later so it thought there was no point.

And the main reason i dont eat much fat, is because i find it hard losing fat and losing weight i dont know why because i always ate i strict diet but since it started eating like this i have lost quita a bit of weight.

thanks for having the interst in my diet and training
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