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Default Re: Where does the Chagaev/Ibragimov match leave Wlad Klitschko ?

Originally Posted by Relentless
but how was don king stopping unifications??? wasn't he the one that set up 2 of the biggest unification tournaments?

just watch vitlay come back and try and get a shot at either the wba or wbo just to stop unification.
I've already explained exactly why Don King didn't want unification before, and don't feel like doing it again at length. Basically it comes down to him knowing all the heavyweights that he promotes are unmarketable without belts, and having the belts fragmented allows him to lock out other promoters, to promote fights between otherwise unmarketable fighters as "world heavyweight championship" fights, and also he doesn't run the risk of losing all his precious belts in one single night to another promoter's mandatory

Every time King pushed for unification in the past was because it was financially stupid not to. That wasn't the case in the past few years
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