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Default Re: How good was Dariusz Michalczewski

Very entertaining fighter, I ve seen most of his matches and i cant remember any dull encounter of his. As to the Jones fight, it seemed neither of them wanted to make the move out of his respective backyard and as we dont know what went on or was negotiated behind closed doors its vain to blame this or that fighter for weaseling out of the match. Both accused the respectively other of ducking them.

DM has provided the boxing crowd in Germany with numerous thrillers, late on in his career with his skills eroding he was known to start slowly and trail on points and (most of the time) still come back to stop the other guy in the middle to later rounds. Excellent accurate and fast jab, killer left hook, good chin and superb stamina were his best assets, he never was an outstandingly rapid mover and his defence was rather penetrable to put it midly actually his best defence was his chin. He was a face first come forward fighter and thats the sort of fighter that usually burns out quickly, astonishing feat he managed to cling on for so long.

He shouldnt have come back for the Tiozzo fight, he was shot by then.
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