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Default Re: How good was Dariusz Michalczewski

Originally Posted by FlatNose
Dariusz used to say he wanted to fight Jones...there was even a "open letter" written to Roy by Michaelczewski in one of the boxing publications , pleading with Roy to go to Germany.Both guys refused to travel across the big pond.To me, it diminishes both of their legacys.Michaelczewski was good enough to steamroll Virgil Hill, who had just beaten the previously undefeated Henry Maske, and had some other good wins, but if they had fought, I would have went with Jones to win.Dariusz had a style that didn't allow the avoidance of punishment, and he just wore out down the road.But in 1997 or 1998 a fight with Jones would have been damn interesting.The Pole certainly would have been a more worthy challenger than anyone else around that time period, but both guys *****s hurt too much to take a chance to get the fight together.
yeah, to me insisting the fight take place in Germany is the same as saying you don't want it to happen at all. Jones was never going to fight him there. Jones was p4p, and had 3 belts. If Dariusz wanted a fight he would of came to the states to fight him.
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