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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by cool-cat View Post
just learnt this today thought it might be helpful for people taking protein shakes.

if you take over 30g of whey protein at one time not all of it is used and some is passed through the body.
yes this is true where your body can only absorb so much protein at one time. the scientific journal i read said it was somewhere between 25-30 grams so you don't want to go over that with each meal. not only is it a waste of the powder, too much protein is actually bad for you and excess is stored as body fat. i could go into the biological process of how it happens but i wont lol. you are also better off getting protein from whole food sources like eggs or tuna fish...the protein powders have a lot of fillers and additives that you could really go w/o. same goes with vitamins which is why you should try to eat as healthy as possible.

here is a little trick for those who train. when you go to sleep your body goes into a catabolic state where your body breaks tissue down...basically your body starves itself while you sleep. if you are looking to be fit and strong you don't want this, you want your muscles to be continually nourished w/ protein throughout the night. there is a kind of protein powder that can do this for you and it is casein protein. it digests slowly unlike whey which is more of a post workout protein b/c it absorbs quickly. casein protein powder will help make sure your muscles are continually fed throughout the night. alternatively you could just eat cottage cheese before bed b/c it contains a lot of casein but i understand some may think it's nasty and grosse.

Originally Posted by RDJ View Post
There are dozens of plants with the same effects, just drink more herbal teas. If you're after anti-viral/bacterial properties, eat raw garlic. I take one garlic clove each day as a supplement (I do the same with ginger and cloves). It may sound gross but I just chew it and wash it down with water.
garlic is very good when it comes to warding off colds *and dracula*. if you happen to catch a cold or flu and want to recover quickly you can use colloidal silver. you can get it cheap through i have taken it many times at the first signs of being sick and recovered within the next day, it's very effective against pathogens and other minor health concerns.

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