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Originally Posted by ozziebattler
Everytime i see a post of yours its you ****ing on about your dad...

Fair enough he beat holmes in the amateur days but give it up...

Im sure your extremely proud of your dad and look up to him,but you going on about your dad is like me telling every1 how i dominated players like todd carney,jarrod hayne etc(NOW FAMOUS AUSSIE RUGBY PLAYERS)when we were in our junior days..

Their in the big leagues and im not,and Larry's a legend and your dad aint...

Case closed.....
look pal, ive conceited that larry was the man during his championship reign,and he is a legend no far as you saying nick wells isnt a legend your wrong.yes my fathers pro career was indeed a flop but he was without a doubt one of the greatest amateurs ever. 185-18 110kos 72 kos in rd1.larry even wrote in his book that nick wells gave him the worst beating of his father would have been a contender if he would have had the right person guiding him as a young man but he didnt. he was the oldest of 9 children and was left to look after himself.boxing was presented to him in high school and he ran with it.funny you say that he isnt a legend everytime i meet someone they rant and rave about how great my dad was.i m not tooting his horn but i am an advocate of his.nick wells got SCREWED over as a pro PERIOD.until u r absolutly posistive about what you spat off then why even will always be a question to me what he wouldve been if he did go with lou duva.some reason it bothers everybody here that nick wells beat larry as an amateur twice.and yes again larry holmes was complete animal as a pro.larry also had the right people behind him my father was a young white guy with no guidance and he accomplished a hell of alot as an amateur.
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