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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Originally Posted by andyZOR View Post
Thats good, i usually dont bet over 100$ on a single bet. But somtimes when im super confident ill do about 300$ or so. I never lost a 300$ bet yet.

BTW these small low risk high pay parlays are worth a stab mate, not saying that im goign to win for sure but its possible. My biggest concern of course is Auxerre because they have been really horrible scince day 1(i watch all their games) but Ireneusz Jelen might be making a comeback in the second half.

Jelen is a beast, and Nice aren't that appealing and plus Auxerre are home. Even if you do the bet, just take Auxerre out then you will still make a decent profit.
I do have a go here and there. I used some of your parlay the other day and Serbia were the only ones to **** it up...with 10 men for France. ****s. $15 is usually my limit on these high strategies
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