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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Originally Posted by TFFP View Post
I do have a go here and there. I used some of your parlay the other day and Serbia were the only ones to **** it up...with 10 men for France. ****s. $15 is usually my limit on these high strategies
France have been playing really ****ty, thats why i used the Serbs.

I try to watch as many games as possible in leuages anything etc...

I seen France vs Lithuania, and man France sucked old man ***** straight up. I think they only won 1-0, and scored in like the 85th min...

I remember that game because i had a 8 team parlay and the last 2 teams remaining that i had to win was France over Lithuania and Italy over Montenegro. After Italia beat Montenegro, all i had left is the France game and honestly i almost want to go out and smash my tv in after the first 85 or so mins of that game. That **** was riddiculous.

I remember watching that France game and man they looked so out of place vs this second teir eam from Lithuania. And France were HOME.

France sucks, because they have to many stars. To many Riberys, Henrys etc... all them guys are stars and having a team filled with just stars dont usually go well. You need more motivation as well.

This is also why i think Real wont win the CL or even the La Liga. Barca are much more supirior team imo.
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