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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

The most important aspect in betting folks, is getting to know your favorite betting team as much as possible.

I like Auxerre because i know them and their style of play more than the bookies themselves do. I have probably won about 800 bucks in my life time on Auxerre games alone. This game was 2,10 for Auxerre to win. And Auxerre are home. The game snot over yet but its the 85th min so i think its safe for me to type this.

Trust me, I may be biased against Polish athletes, but who isn't to their own right? But Im telling you, Ireneusz is the Truth.

Bookies dont like Auxerre, because they are unpredictable team. Your going to have to do research and watch all Auxerre games to get to know them more than the bookies. The bookies just half ass the Auxerre games.
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