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Default Re: who wins ? ray leonard vs. terry norris , at 154 both prime

Probably a better fight than most would give it credit for on the surface, but yes I take Leonard by a points win or perhaps a late stoppage. One of the thing that Norris was able to capitalize on in their 1991 matchup, was the fact that Leonard's legs were basically gone, as was most of his hand and foot speed. Ray still took him the full 12 rounds, and possibly even won 2 or 3 of them. A fully primed Leonard of 7-10 years earlier who stood up to the power of peak version of Duran and Hearns, isn't getting dropped by Norris and nor would he be there to get hit as often.. Additionally, his ability to finish men off and land quick combinations in small but effective bursts was very much a factor in the early 80's, whereas it was no where to be seen from about 1987 onward...
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