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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

IMO when it comes to grains and vegies, more and more often is better. Bread can be great roughage if you know how to pick the right kind thats ow in salts, processed sugars and preservatives but it still dont compare to wild rice, brown rice, wheat germ, whole oats, barley, corn meal or grits, sorghum MO. Dairy products like yogurt and whey isolate are great to. Beats, kale, carrots, sweat potatoes, squash, watermelon broccolli, etc.. or whatever we got left over.

We eat a lot of chicken and fish soup but like our shakes we load them with vegies, lentils or rice because there really is no reason to limit them when they taste great and when one understand exactly why cell metabolism thrives on variety.

When I am competing hard, I also throw in glucosamine, Maltodextrin, Dextrose, HMB l-Glutamine, and Electrolytes.
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