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Default Re: British Forum BETTING thread

Originally Posted by digregorio1. View Post
i wish you all the best, the only concerns i'd have would be that Bayern munich are away, chelsea are without drogba bosingwa and deco and could struggle to create chances and the Klit fight where Areola is still a bit of an unknown and Vitali is only getting older

however i would pick the same outcomes that you have in those match ups so good luck

As far as Bayern goes, their team is much more superior to that from a team from Isreal. Even Away they should win. Im picking 3-0 Robben (2) and Ribery.

Bayern are great against these **** teams in the CL. Remember that 7-1 and 5-0 win vs Sporting Lisbon or somthing last year?

Bayern thrive on these weaker teams in the CL and score a lot of goals. Plus with Ribery and Robben back, nothing could go wrong.

Bayern 3-0.

Chelsea could be without a goalkeeper and i still see them winning :P

Outside of Portugal, Porto aren't that great and I dont think they are going to beat the one of the best teams in the English Leauge. Worst case senario is a 1-1 draw.

Areola is a unkown, your right, and you just awnsered your own question.

You think some unknown is going to beat the world heavyweight champ?

The only thing bad i see going for Vitali is if he suffered a injury ala Byrd, thats the only way i see Chris winning.

Ill wait til the weight in and my confidence could increase / decease.

Im 2-0 spot on in predicting the Vitali's last 2 fights(Picked vs. Peter TKO 8 and vs. Gomez TKO 9)

I actually put like 20 bucks on Vitali to win in the 9th round and won like 200 bucks

I think Vitali is going to crush him this time, Klitschko TKO 5.
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