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Default Re: Who hit as hard as Fitzsimmons...

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
Stanley Ketchel, easily
Agreed. The shot he dropped Johnson with may be the hardest single punch by any middleweight captured on film, and it was more than a flash knockdown. Johnson did not get up on his first try, and falling over Ketchel when he retaliated suggests he was still stunned when he knocked Stan cold.

Langford took out Wills twice, apparently knocking Harry out with a single hook, and reportedly diluted his record by carrying some opponents, something Mickey Walker also admitted to doing in his autobiography. Walker's best weight was 158-159, the weight he trained himself to for the originally scheduled date with Schmeling. While he conceded that he may not have been able to defeat Max, even when in peak condition, he gave every other heavyweight he faced hell, and Schmeling did not take his power lightly either. Mickey also used larger gloves than Fitz.

For Jeffries to say Choynski hit harder is interesting, since Fitz doctored his hands for the rematch with Jeff. (That Corbett kicked Choynski's ass on the street as well as in the ring suggests that Jim was much more of a badass than his public image made him out to be.)
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