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Default Re: Who hit as hard as Fitzsimmons...

Originally Posted by janitor View Post
I think that to some extent the same observation could be made of Fitzsimmons to a lesser extent.

Lets not forgett that the Nonpareil at 147 lbs lasted longer than most of his heavyweight oponents an probably landed more conters as well.

I think that once you get a pound for pound puncher like Langford or Fitzsimmons being bigger just tends to make you a bigger and slower target. Smaller defensive fighters at least have the speed and reflexes to hang in there and perhaps even nulify their speed advantage.

I would suggest that as Langford got bigger and moved up the weight classes his power became greater and his oponents reflexes became slower.

We are probably seeing the sme trend with Paquiao today.
Yeah, it is certainly strange though. In Langford's case, it really is very noticeable. And i dont dont think that Fitz and Langford are alone in the trend.

In todays times, other than the occassional exception (such as Paq) it usually works the opposite and power diminishes, but then again, is this a fair comparison. I struggle to find too many modern examples of fighters who go up in weight (certainly from say Middle to heavy) without either getting very old or simply just putting on excess weight and making themselves less effective. Chris Byrd is probably the best example, but even he had a much better record against the Heavyweight fighters than he did against the Light Heavyweights!
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