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Default Re: Who hit as hard as Fitzsimmons...

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
I don't think Johnson was badly hurt by Ketchel's punch ,and he stumbled over Ketchel's body ,which was on the floor at the time.
Stan threw a sucker punch, but it was still a huge shot. Jack was normally far too coordinated to stumble like he did over Ketchel.
What proof have you that Fitz doctored his hands for the second fight with Jeffries?
Reports are that he messed up Jeff's face the way Resto did with Collins, then tossed his bandages into the crowd after it was over. Apparently, Jeff knew he was going to do something like this before they even stepped in the ring, but didn't care.
Walker was a good puncher but never kod a top heavyweight. Fitz kod many.
Mentioning Mickey was an afterthought, but I wonder how he might have done with the lighter gloves Fitz wore. Granted, he didn't have Bob's height or upper body, so suggesting that Walker's power was a match is admittedly a stretch.
I have never quite made my mind up about the Ketchel fight, other than that Johnson carried Ketchel , Ketchel falls to the canvas from an uppercut in the 9th ,and Johnson lifts him up bodily. Several prints I have seen of the fight seem to indicate Johnson is falling BEFORE he is hit.
Although it was a sucker punch, I think Jack did see it in time to try riding it out, and that's probably why he survived it.
But lets not muddy the waters ,lets return to the thread.
Jeff's account of Choynski's power is compelling, along with the nature of Joe's starching of Johnson.
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