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Default Re: Who hit as hard as Fitzsimmons...

Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post

Oh No !
if he was such then he wouldn't have weighed only 165 for the Benn fight.
Look at Oscar - Pac, pretty girl couldn't get the weight back on for the fight. He was "dehydrated" - that is he lost too much weight. Similarly, G-Man's problem was that he had to lose too much weight, which some believe may have been an important factor in his demise. G-Man could not get the weight back on for the fight.

In the back of my head there is a story that G-Man was moving up in weight after the Benn fight because of his struggles with making weight. I know there was a fight planned with RJJ but I don't remember at what weight.

G-Man was a big guy who picked on (KTFO) smaller guys because he could dehydrate enough to make weight. The physiological effect of this weight drain/gain on his body was probably negative.
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