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Default Re: Ingemar Johansson was not knocked out cold by Brian London

Originally Posted by Senya13
What do the next two paragraphs of the AP report say?
"Referee Andrew Smythe of Ireland, the sole judge, awarded The fight to Johansson, but Said later he probably would have stopped The fight and given it to London if the bell hadn't rung. 'Ingemar was not in a position to defend himself,' Smythe said, 'but he clearly had won more rounds.'
London said he thought he had won, and the crowd, which roundly booed Johansson on his home Grounds, seemed to share his view."

Quite likely you had me quote these two paragraphs in order to bring in the "but still" argument("he may not have been knocked out cold, but he was still bad"), suggesting that Johansson was lucky to escape with the win here. However, I suspect(haven't seen the tape, so this is a little bit of speculation, but it seems very likely) that Johansson was probably not really on guard or focused with five seconds left to go in the fight and was caught by surprise when London tried to seize one last opportunity- in short, I think this was a bit of a fluke, and even still, as I say, Johansson was up at four and not flat out on his back for minutes, which is the story commonly circulated. As to the decision thing, fighters who lose on points, if it's at all competitive, almost always say they think they've won, and the crowd is liable to boo a fighter who wins a boring decision and is losing badly as the fight ends when he was an overwhelming favorite- for example, the crowds booed at the ends of Foreman vs. Peralta and Joe Mesi vs. Monte Barrett and Vassiliy Jirov when the respective formers were given the decisions- this is not because there was anything wrong with the scoring in any of those fights(in fact, it was pretty much spot on in each instance), but because the underdog did better than expected, won the most memorable moments of the fight and was in charge as the fight came to a conclusion, even though that underdog clearly didn't win as many rounds. Other versions I've read(which I don't have the time to get into right now but may pull up later) have agreed with Smythe about the scoring.
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