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Default Re: Who hit as hard as Fitzsimmons...

Originally Posted by Unforgiven View Post
Ketchel's "knock down" of Jack Johnson looks like a fake job to me.

Johnson was already on his way down long before that punch lands. It's clear as day, even on that old grainy film.
At best, Ketchel caught him on the way down from a slip.
At worst, it was a fake KD put on a ridiculous telegraphed punch, staged by Johnson to add drama to the fight and value to the film.

Please check the film before attacking this post. You'll see I'm right.
I watched it the other day and i played it afew times and in slow motion

I think Johnson moved his head to slip the punch and his lead leg seems to just slip back and cause him to fall clean over. I cant make out if the punch lands but im sure it was a slip and nothing else
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