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Default Re: Sugar Ray Leonard will be 'On the Ropes' this Monday!

Here's what I would like to ask Leonard. After the Hagler fight he told the audience something to the effect of "See you in six months and 15 pounds later." When asked by Larry Merchant in an HBO special what Leonard had meant by that, since he was saying he would never box again and thus would not be giving Hagler a rematch, he said he was simply making a reference to the 15 pounds he lost in the ring against Hagler. But how could Leonard possibly know standing the ring that he had lost 15 pounds when he would only learn this fact much later, after he had exited the ring? This was the same interview in which he denied saying to Hagler what Hagler swears he heard Leonard say to him and what the tape seems to show Leonard saying: "You beat me." Leonard has already admitted that he believes Hearns beat him in the rematch. It would really be a man thing to do to come clean about his real feelings about the Hagler fight. He plainly lost that fight.
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