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Originally Posted by frankenfrank View Post
if there was anything controversial about that stoppage you'd say it already , but you didn't. so i was not wrong , you didn't correct me and a stoppage is a stoppage and a REAL win.
The point is that you haven't even seen these men fight. How could you possibly know anything about the greatness of Archie Moore and Harold Johnson?

i said already that tarver was drained for the hopkins fight.
another thing you should understand is that 1(1):1(0) is most of times
more than 1(0):0.
but tarver has 2(1):1(0) over roy and 1(1):1(0) over harding.
In my opinion the schooling Harding gave to Tarver is better than the comeback TKO win that Tarver scored over a recently injured Harding.

Tarver got the best of Roy Jones but he didn't get the best Roy Jones. He even managed to lose the first fight.

who did they beat ? each other ?
and don't give me a fluke decision win over HOF (that are too many)
and then ignore their long series of losses.
Henry Hall defeated Bert Lytell, Archie Moore, Bob Satterfield and John Holman.

Slade beat Lytell, Don ****ell, Clarence Henry, Yvon Durelle, Hurricane Jackson, Doc Williams.

Paul Andrews beat Billy Smith, Slade, Durelle, Danny Nardico.

Bethea beat Ernie Terrell, Paul Andrews, Jimmy Slade, Joe Bygraves, Ezzard Charles, had close fights with Zora Folley, Eddie Machen and Nino Valdes.

Arturo Godoy went to a SD against Joe Louis and was a heavyweight contender for many years.

Who did Reggie Johnson ever beat? Steve Collins?

so was tarver for the dawson fights.
Then don't bring up Hopkins's losses past 40 if you don't want me to bring up the Dawson fights.

roy was almost the same muscular at 175.
the difference is that he didn't have to make weight for the ruiz fight.
roy doesn't walk at street at 175 , he lives closer to 193 than to 175.
tarver doesn't look fat in this picture.
archie moore well over 200 in his 175 days ? really ?
i won't believe he was 175 in his 175 days , but WELL over 200 ?
what is that 'well'?

Archie weighed around or more than 200 pounds to his heavyweight fights.

He weighed 197 against Valdes and the next month fought Bobo Olson at 175. 206 against Hans Kalbfell, 175 in his title defense against Tony Anthony.

where did i say he avoided ?
he had no one to avoid in his day's 160.
You said Hopkins picks fights and was not a great fighter.

"tarver fought the best oposition he could get , and proved his superiority over it. "

Does this statement not ring true for Hopkins? He fought the best at 160 and avoided no one. Except Hopkins proved his superiority for decades while Tarver's reign at the top lasted about the time he played Mason Dixon in a Rocky movie.

good to know harding came from an injury.
also defeated roy in a rubbermatch.
his win over johnson was clear , his 'loss' wasn't.
against dawson he was 40 and then 41 yo.
Tarver was 39 and then 40. He still hasn't turned 41.

moore's losses at HW were to 175 fighters like him.
smaller than him if anything.
especially if you are true about moore going down from well over 200
to 175 in his 175 days.
Marciano wasn't a 175 fighter. Patterson may have been but how old was Moore when he fought Patterson?

and 12 losses and 2 draws to .. check boxrec and spare it from me.
Tarver has half the amount of fights and 6 losses. How many times did Glen Johnson get robbed?

twice over jones.
you forgot mohamed benguesmia.
and if those unknown guys you mentioned count , then so is ernest mateen.
again for about the fourth time : he was 40 and 41 for the dawson fights.
Benguesmia who?

now you they don't.
they still prove what I said.
I'm afraid they don't. Both have a similar record of wins.

i did see tarver , glen johnson , reggie johnson , jones fight.
and others also.
Did you ever see Archie Moore and Harold Johnson fight? That's what I was asking.

but when a stoppage is not controversial , it counts much more.
What if Johnson injured his back and was stopped? Or when he collapsed without being hit due to being drugged?

The stoppage against Moore wasn't controversial but there were others that were.

true. but that's better than being the champion of bums like hopkins was at 160 (and there are and were more like him).
even calzaghe's reign at 168 is more impressing than hopkins' at 160.
but not by far.
The champion of bums went up in weight and dominated Tarver.
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