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Default Re: Ike Quartey vs. Marlon Starling

Quartey is too big and strong for Starling imo. They have similar kinds of style where they both hold their hands pretty high, Starling being the more skilled of the two but Quartey being the stronger more robust fighter of the two.

Oba Carr had more skill than Quartey though and we know what happened there. Quartey is extremely underrated imo, he beat DLH and Forrest as far as im concerned and he demolished Vince Phillips in 3 rounds.

I think the way to beat Quartey is to keep him busy playing defence because he cant punch whilst your punching, thats not his style he has to wait for you to finish up your combination for unloading, thats why Vargas's flurries worked against him and Espana's high workrate before Quartey caught up with him.
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